Pay It Forward

Mya’s Warriors:  Since it’s inception in May of 2013, The Mya Lin Terry Foundation has been honored to support many Pediatric Cancer Warriors and their families.  You may “meet” some of them via our YEARBOOK here:  Yearbook 1-26-2018

Grants: The Mya Lin Terry Foundation is pleased to accept applications for monetary grants from pediatric cancer patients living in New Jersey.  Families should complete and submit the following applications/forms:   2017 TMLTF Grant Application – AUG 2017 and Consent, Release, and Waiver Form for Mya Lin Terry Foundation along with required attachments.

Mya’s Spirit of Giving Scholarship:  2017 Recipient:  Trevor Kraeutler.  2016 Recipients:  Jake Talarico, Christian Foley and Abigail Lewis.  2015 Recipients:  Kelli Shapiro and Jenna Loeser.    Open to all Ocean Township Community members, in good academic standing with a High School graduation pending. Eligibility includes demonstration of a strong background in community service contributions demonstrating a substantial commitment to volunteering, giving back to the community and paying it forward in a manner that honors the way Mya lived her life.  Click Here to Download application:   2017-2018 TMLTF Scholarship Application

Mya’s Heroes – Be The Match: 1400+ of Mya’s friends were swabbed, through two bone marrow swabbing drives, in attempts to be her donor. While they did not match Mya, we are learning that many of Mya’s Heroes have been contacted in order to provide hope to others: Lindsay F, Jason H, John P, Pat V, Jay G, Rich V, Cara M, Kelly T, Sandy L, Barbara L, Tina D, Kelly H, Nicole C, Jenna A and Christine L. You can too, get swabbed!

Mya’s Mommy Bags:  Mya’s Mommy Bags are gifts from a group of family and friends who supported our pediatric cancer warrior, who had been in many hospitals across the country.  We know all too well how you may be feeling right now, as we have been through it ourselves with our own loved one.  We slept on those same sofas and chairs (or didn’t sleep at all), and cried the many tears as you probably have.   What we attempt to include in each bag is a collection of personal and comfort items for your use.  The following is a not all inclusive, nor mutually exclusive listing of items compiled by a group of volunteers:  Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Lotion, Toothbrush and Tooth Paste, Pen and Paper, Razor and Shaving Cream, Cosmetics, Sweets, etc.

Random Acts of Kindness:  In the true spirit of giving, and in attempts to stay true to Mya’s embraced way of life, we would like to encourage everyone to conduct a “Random Act of Kindness” in Mya’s honor.  This may be as small as opening the door for a fellow commuter, purchasing a coffee for the lady behind you at Dunkin Donuts or as large as paying the tuition/scholarship of a fellow sports enthusiast at school.  We asked that you do this, and simply present Mya’s card at the same time, so the recipient may too “Pass It On.”  Click here download and print cards:  2014 MyaCard_nocrops

DVD Collection:  The Mya Lin Terry Foundation is pleased to support the video collection of Pediatric Wards and Oncology units throughout the country.  Having been on the receiving end of like collections, we were forever grateful for the kindness and generosity of those contributing.  Therefore, we would like to continue this effort, and ensure the collections are expanded, wherever they may be needed.

Soda Can Top Collection:  The Mya Lin Terry Foundation is pleased to support the various Ronald McDonald House facility efforts through our donation of Soda Can Tops.  We will collect, on a continuous basis, donation of soda can tops for subsequent donation to Ronald McDonald Houses throughout the country.

Donations*:  Please send donations for either of our Pay It Forward efforts to:

The Mya Lin Terry Foundation
1637 Finderne Street
Oakhurst, NJ 07755

*Please Note: DVDs may be new or slightly used, but must be in their original container.  Please ensure all donated Soda Can Tops are rinsed and dried prior to shipment.  All donations of personal items, must be sample size, and unused.